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Wise Up Digital invited to present at the Distance Teaching & Learning Conference in August

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

The 35th annual Distance Teaching & Learning Conference (DT&L) is the premier national conference for online and distance educators, offering them three days of professional development.

The conference emphasizes evidence-based practice, educational innovation, and practical applications of theories and research findings in the field of distance education and online learning. There will be many opportunities to network, share, and collaborate with peers from around the world.

Professors Eric Cornish and Tommy Demos will present a session called Ignite Creativity in Your Student Assignments Using Visual Design Principles. The 3-hour, hands-on workshop will be facilitated on August 6th, 8:30A-11:30A in Room N at the DT&L Conference in Madison, Wisconsin.

This workshop is designed to guide and support faculty and instructional designers in developing new, discipline-specific, multimedia assignments that replace or augment traditional written assignments such as papers, journals, and discussion boards. Participants will be introduced to research that supports the importance of digital literacy in online education and will learn the basic principles of visual design. Participants will be introduced to a free, web-based, digital design tool called Adobe Spark and will review samples of student work created with it. Finally, participants will assume the role of one of their own students to learn how to use Adobe Spark to create a well-designed, attractive, multi-media project that replaces a traditional written assignment.

Participants will talk about:

· success factors and innovative practices in distance education and training.

· course design, teaching methods, technology tools, learner support, management, policy, and evaluation

Participants will learn how to:

· apply new and emerging technologies to online teaching and learning

· consider future possibilities and technologies

Participants will connect with:

· distance educators, trainers, practitioners, and administrators from around the world

· industry leaders sharing tools, products, and services that increase productivity and improve online practice

Participants can choose from the following session types:

· keynote speeches and other presentations by nationally recognized thought leaders and experts

· research, exploratory, and interactive info sessions

· facilitated discussions and informal group discussions led by topic experts

· speed sessions, which are condensed presentations on hot topics, followed by Q&A sessions

· ePosters, which are interactive electronic posters on course program design, research and tools

· exhibit hall, the place to watch eTools demos and educational presentations, and the gathering place for other conference events

· global conversations: international distance-learning success stories, innovations, and challenges

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